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High-availability Edition

Last Updated: May 19, 2022

TSDB for InfluxDB® provides instances of Basic Edition and High-availability Edition. This topic introduces the High-availability Edition.
TSDB for InfluxDB® High-availability Edition is a widely used database edition. It uses the three-node architecture based on the Raft consensus protocol and applies to more than 80% of user scenarios, such as monitoring basic Internet resources, containers, and industrial production security, monitoring and analyzing business operations, remotely monitoring IoT devices in real time, assessing production quality, and backtracking faults.HA




High availability

  • Uses Raft, a distributed consensus protocol, to ensure the reliability of transactions on all nodes.
  • Provides three database nodes. Data logs are synchronized from the primary node to two secondary nodes. The system returns a data write success only after the data is written to at least two nodes.
  • Synchronizes data changes among all nodes to ensure linear consistency.


To ensure high performance, the three nodes of a High-availability Edition instance are deployed in the same zone.


  1. Can I upgrade a Basic Edition instance to a High-availability Edition instance?
    No, you cannot upgrade a Basic Edition instance to a High-availability Edition instance.