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Last Updated: May 19, 2022

Suggestion: Before you continue with TSDB SDK, we recommend you read Terms and HTTP API Reference first to learn the basics of TSDB and the usage of API.

Method 1: Get Maven dependency

To use Maven to build projects, add hitsdb-client dependency in the pom.xml file’s <dependencies>tag. Example code:

  1. <dependency>
  2. <groupId>com.aliyun</groupId>
  3. <artifactId>hitsdb-client</artifactId>
  4. <version>{version}</version>
  5. </dependency>

Note: “{version}” is the version number (the latest SDK version is recommended). See SDK Version History for the latest SDK version number and relevant information.

Method 2: download the SDK package

If you do not use Maven or cannot access the Maven inventory, follow these steps to directly download, add a dependency package to, and use the SDK.

  1. Download the JAR package from the following link:
  2. Download the JAR package (the latest version is recommended):
  3. Place these JAR packages under the project, and use the TSDB-Client SDK for development.

Suggestion: Before using TSDB SDK, we recommend that you review Terms and [HTTP API Reference] for basic concepts of TSDB and how to use the API.