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Last Updated: May 19, 2022

Prometheus is an open source monitoring and alarm system. Prometheus is less dependent and fully functional and is widely used in the monitoring system of the Kubernetes cluster. For more information on Prometheus, please refer to the Prometheus documentation.

Prometheus’local storage design can reduce the complexity of its own operation and management, and can meet the needs of most users to monitor the scale, but local storage also means that Prometheus can not persist data, can not store a large amount of historical data, and can not flexibly expand . Prometheus itself did not try to solve the above problem, but by defining a set of remote storage adapter standard interfaces, users can decide to store the monitoring sample data in Promthues to the third-party remote storage service based on this set of standard interfaces. Problems with local storage.

TSDB for Prometheus is a high-performance, low-cost, stable and reliable online time series database service. It is a native third-party online remote storage service of Promtheus through the built-in Prometheus remote storage adapter.

Compared to other third-party remote storage, TSDB for Prometheus has the advantages of high integration and support for reading and writing.

High degree of integration

At present, Prometheus’s mainstream approach to third-party storage systems is to implement a remote storage adapter that is independent of third-party storage systems. This adapter needs to be deployed and operated separately. In addition, the remote storage adapter deployed separately has single point of failure and read and write performance problems.

TSDB for Prometheus remote storage adapter built-in on the server side, you only need to modify the remote read and write configuration in Prometheus configuration file prometheus.yaml, you can natively support Prometheus to directly read and write TSDB, the integration is high, no additional separate deployment Adapter, greatly reducing the single point of failure risk and operation and maintenance costs of the adapter.

Support both reading and writing

Currently some third-party remote storage only supports Prometheus to write monitoring sample data, but does not support reading. For example, for third-party storage such as OpenTSDB, Graphite, and Elasticsearch, the adapter provided by the Prometheus community only supports write mode and does not support read mode. TSDB for Prometheus supports both reading and writing. To learn more about the extent to which third-party storage systems support Prometheus for reading and writing, please refer to Remote Endpoints and Storage.