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Last Updated: May 19, 2022

Time Series Database (TSDB) for InfluxDB® is available in two editions: Basic Edition and High-availability Edition. This topic describes how to view the edition of a TSDB for InfluxDB® instance and provides a comparison between the editions.

View the edition of a TSDB for InfluxDB® instance

You can view the instance edition in the Basic Information section of the Instance Details page.version

Comparison between editions




Basic Edition

Provides single-node instances.

Personal learning, small and medium-sized DevOps monitoring, time series data collection and analysis of application metrics and IoT sensors, and development and testing of small and medium-sized enterprises

High-availability Edition

Provides a three-node architecture that is based on the Raft consensus protocol and applicable to more than 80% of scenarios.

Metric collection and business monitoring of large and medium-sized enterprises in the fields such as IoT, container, and industrial production


For more information about the instance types that are supported by each edition, see Instance types.