TSDB allows you to manage your instances and data through APIs or the front-end console. Before that, your applications must be connected to the instances through APIs. The supported network types are VPC network and public network.

The default network type supported by TSDB is VPC network. Alibaba Cloud provides a VPC access link for each TSDB instance created. This section describes how to connect to an TSDB instance through VPC networks. For details about connection through public networks, see Network connection.

To connect your application to an TSDB instance through a VPC network, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the instance’s Instance Details page, and in the Basic Information section view the VPC network address for the instance.Note: To protect the instance security, you must set an IP address whitelist first to obtain the VPC network address. If you have not set the whitelist, in the VPC Network Address field click Set the IP address whitelist, and add IP addresses that are allowed to access this instance. After the whitelist is set, the field displays the VPC network address of the instance automatically.

  2. When you use APIs to connect an application to the instance, enter the VPC network address (including the domain name and the port address). Then the connection is established, and you can conduct data read/write operations. TSDB is compatible with the OpenTSDB protocol, and uses HTTP APIs.

Note: The default network mode for TSDB instances is VPC network, therefore, if the accessing host is not in the same VPC network as the TSDB instance, the connection will fail, and the “Connection timed out” error will be thrown. The solution for it is as follows:

  • If the accessing host is in the same region as the instance, add the host to VPC network where the instance is located in.
  • If the accessing host is not in the same region as the instance, use the ClassLink function to create an channel between the classic network and the VPC network.