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Tair:Refund policy

Last Updated:Dec 18, 2023

This topic describes how to release or unsubscribe from Tair instances and refund your fees.

Usage notes

  • Only instances in the Running state can be released or unsubscribed.

  • After an instance is released or unsubscribed, it cannot be restored. Proceed with caution. We recommend that you create a backup for the instance and download the backup before you release or unsubscribe from the instance. For more information, see Automatic or manual backup.

Release a pay-as-you-go instance

Pay-as-you-go Tair instances are billed based on your actual resource usage. No refunds are involved. If you no longer need your pay-as-you-go Tair instances, release the Tair instances. Then, no fees are charged for the instances. For more information, see Release pay-as-you-go instances.

Unsubscribe from a subscription instance

You must make an upfront payment for a subscription Tair instance based on its instance type and subscription duration when you create the instance. If you no longer need a subscription instance, submit a ticket.