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Support:ICP Filing Consulting Service Statement of Work

Last Updated:Oct 24, 2022

1. Service Overview

This statement of work (hereinafter referred to as "SOW") describes the professional consulting services provided by Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Alibaba Cloud" or "Party B") for XXXX (hereinafter referred to as "Party A") during implementation of "ICP Filing consulting project" (hereinafter referred to as "the Project").

This SOW clarifies the catalog and scope of services provided by Alibaba Cloud, the division of labor, and the responsibility matrix of both parties to restrict the service actions of both parties.

2. Service Scope

  • Party B's services in the Project consist of the following:

    • Based on the current situation and business expectation of Party A's domain and website ICP Filing, Party B shall implement ICP Filing prerequisite, product selection consulting, process introduction, and progress following up of the Alibaba ICP Filing System through survey, analysis, and evaluation of a professional team, and provide the consulting service for ICP Filing on the Alibaba Cloud platform.

    • Based on ICP Filing regulations of different provinces, Party B shall provide detailed requirements for ICP Filing process and latest update of ICP Filing procedure. Party B shall provide consulting service to different scenarios based on the commercial package which including: Changing ICP Filing information, Transferring an ICP license to Alibaba Cloud, Adding new websites for ICP Filing (Non or Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing applying entity), Claiming an ICP Filing, Canceling an ICP Filing, etc.

    • Party B do not promise ICP Filing applying result. However, Party B shall provide suggestions, consulting and process guidance for problems that occur in the ICP Filing, and provide consulting service to Party A on such problems, so that ICP Filing applying can be smoothly implemented.

  • Party B's services in this Project DO NOT include the following:

    • Verify the accuracy and authenticity of the information provided by Party A.

    • Provide the entity in the Chinese mainland or help identify companies in China that are eligible for filing.

    • Help completing the registration of company entity in Chinese mainland.

    • Ensure that ICP filing process can be passed by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.

    • Refund for the ICP consulting service due to failure of ICP filling caused by Party A, such as give up voluntarily, could not provide related materials, false materials, materials could not pass by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China etc.

3. Prerequisites

  • If this Project is implemented on the premises of Party A, upon start of the project, Party A shall provide the necessary office facilities, including desks and chairs, restroom facilities, mains power supply and outlets, and network cables.

  • All work records and documents of the Project shall be in Chinese or English based on Party A’s language, and shall be provided as required by Party A. The electronic files shall be submitted in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Project format.

  • During the Project, Party A and Party B shall communicate with each other in a manner agreed upon by both parties. Optional communication methods include Internet, fax, email, or written communication.

  • Both parties have fully negotiated and confirmed the service start time and end time.

4. Division of Labor

4.1 Common Responsibilities of the Customer and Alibaba Cloud

  • Both parties shall negotiate and confirm the specific business objectives and scope.

4.2 Customer's Responsibilities

  • Provide accuracy and authenticity of the company entity and website resource.

  • Collect the required documents listed as below:

    • Account real-name verification & Domain real-name verification

    • Legal entity business operation license

    • Identification information for legal representative & web administrator

    • Additional information for pre-approval

    • Website details

  • Based on Party B’s suggestion, prepare the product environment qualified for ICP filing rules such as ECS, CDN facility building up.

  • Submit the required documents to ICP filing system on Alibaba Cloud Platform.

  • Verify the information accuracy when ICP filing phone call verification is required.

  • The customer shall assign a project owner to help Alibaba Cloud smoothly provide the consulting service. The project owner shall be responsible for coordination between the two parties, management of related issues, and review and acceptance of Alibaba Cloud services.

  • During the process that Alibaba Cloud provides the consulting service, if the documents provided by Party A involves third-party software, the customer shall negotiate with the third-party vendor and provide the relevant information for Alibaba Cloud.

4.3 Alibaba Cloud's Responsibilities

  • Introduce the ICP filing process and policy based on customer's concerns and questions.

  • Provide consulting service to customer during ICP filing process based on current ICP filing policy.

  • Help to check and verify the process status until customer’s information been submitted to Ministry of Industry and Information Technology system.

5. Service Process

processFigure 1: Service Process

Table 1: Process description and completion criteria

The process is described as follows:


Process Description

Completion Criteria

Project kickoff meeting

  • Both parties negotiate with each other to determine the stakeholders and contact persons of the project, clarify the consulting principle, method, and process, and confirm the business requirements and objectives of each business department.

  • Prepare and hold the project kickoff report.

Party B is responsible for holding the project kickoff meeting, and both parties reach an agreement on the content discussed on the meeting.

Confirm the consulting plan

Based on the business objective and consulting methods, develop and sort out the consulting plan and implementation solution.

Both parties agree on the plan content.

Collect the system information

Collect information about the current situation of Party A's business, and evaluate the gaps between the current situation and business objectives.

Provide consulting services

Provide the reactive consulting service to Party A during the service is delivered.

Service acceptance

  • Sort out and deliver project documents.

  • Prepare the project acceptance report.

Party B submits the "XXXX Consulting Service Acceptance Report" and Party A signs the report.

6. Acceptance Criteria

Project acceptance can start after the following acceptance criteria are met:

  • Alibaba Cloud provides the customer with following service reports:


Document name


Acceptance deliverables

XXXX ICP Filing No.


XXXX ICP Filing Instruction manual

  • After these consulting service reports are submitted, Party A shall confirm the solution within five working days. If no objection is raised, both parties shall sign the "Project Acceptance Report".

  • Signing of the "Consulting Service Acceptance Report" is deemed as completion of project acceptance.

7. Mark of Completion

The ICP filing consulting service is complete after project acceptance is finished and both parties sign the " Consulting Service Acceptance Report".