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Last Updated:Nov 07, 2023

1. Service Overview

Customer success consulting service focuses on customers' core business scenarios, business objectives and cloud adoption strategies. With digital solutions and industry best practices from Alibaba Cloud ecosystem, the service is positioned to help customer build business success plan through analysis of gaps between customers' digital transformation strategic objectives against current situation followed by strategic goal decomposition, value proposition identification, implementation plan design, resource planning, minimum viable product (MVP) validation. Customer Success team will also provide evaluation of implementation effects and continuous partnership to work alongside with customers in digital transformation journey to realize targeted business value.

2. Scope of Services

Customer success service covers service strategy in 5 different stages, solution design, adoption, service transformation and continuous service improvement throughout the service life cycle. Among them, the consulting service in this work mainly focuses on the service strategy and service design stages, and at the same time, it plays the consultant role for the following 3 stages of the transformation and landing guidance, service operation monitoring, effect evaluation and feedback suggestions so as to cover the overall standard service life cycle.

The scope of work of Alibaba Cloud during the service life cycle includes the following:

  • Alibaba Cloud conducts research and analysis of Customer's IT infrastructure, AS IS status of business department and application systems , and high-level interviews through the required service direction and business scenarios, and outputs research and analysis reports;

  • Alibaba Cloud shall provide the design of successful customer service plan through investigation and seminar;

  • Alibaba Cloud shall output comprehensive service report through the service project promotion, ground monitoring and guidance;

  • Alibaba Cloud shall provide scheme support and guidance as an expert in the process of service scheme implementation monitoring;

  • Alibaba Cloud shall conduct effect evaluation and output action improvement plan according to the implementation of the service plan.

The scope of work of Alibaba Cloud in this service does not include the following contents:

  • The implementation of additional products, schemes and human resources in the service design scheme;

  • Application transformation, application design, database logical structure design;

  • Application systems are not explicitly identified as "in scope"

  • Design and build cloud platform infrastructure and environment;

  • Application system is related development or specific application and database transformation design;

  • Communications infrastructure and components are required for implementation;

3. Prerequisites

  • The customer should request the service at least 15 working days in advance, and the two parties agree on the service requirements and objectives.

  • The service shall be executed at the office of Customer.

  • Customer shall provide necessary work environment at the beginning of the service, including desks, office chairs, toilets, commercial power and plug-in boards, network cables, etc. The work environment provided by Customer shall be free of harmful pollution gases to human body. The outdoor environment shall provide protection conditions that can cope with harsh weather and ensure the personal safety of Alibaba Cloud's personnel.

  • All work records and documents of this service shall be in Chinese/English as the working language and shall be provided as required by Customer. Electronic documents are submitted in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Project format.

  • In the service process, the communication methods agreed by Customer and Alibaba Cloud shall be adopted, including Internet, FAX, e-mail, paper media, etc.

  • On-site + remote service, the standard service cycle time is 6 months, the two parties communicate to confirm the service start and end time.

4. Service Content

By understanding the customer's digital transformation strategy objectives, and combining with the customer's public cloud and hybrid cloud digital status quo as well as the core business scenario value objectives-oriented, it develops customer success service plans, including service formation, resource arrangements, target decomposition and action landing plans so as to support customer goal achievement and business success.

The core business scenario is currently divided into three main directions, including digital marketing, production and marketing collaboration and intelligent customer service.

4.1 Customer Success Service (Standard Edition)

It contains 1 core business scenario. the specific scenario direction is determined according to customer needs.


The service cycle encompasses five key stages: firstly, an analysis of the current situation and objectives, which includes AS-IS analysis, high-level interviews, and comprehensive research to produce a customer success research report. The second stage involves discussion and solution design, using insights from the first stage and digital strategy seminars to formulate a comprehensive service plan. Thirdly, the execution plan and monitoring stage monitors and evaluates the implementation process, including MVP effect verification, resulting in a comprehensive service report. The fourth stage focuses on knowledge transfer and empowerment, offering expert support, product guidance, and tailored training to enhance digital capabilities. Lastly, continuous improvement and feedback involve effect evaluations and action improvement plans based on design objectives and implementation outcomes.

The specific contents are as follows:

4.1.1 AS-IS and TO-BE Analysis

1) Analysis of the current state of IT infrastructure

Gather data on the customer's existing IT infrastructure and its impact on business applications. Additionally, assess the current state of enterprise IT operations and management to inform subsequent digital analysis.

2) Business Status and Application System Analysis

Through remote information collection and on-site communication, it concentrates on the core business scenarios (digital marketing or production and marketing collaboration or intelligent customer service) to investigate the current business situation and application system of customers and understand the long-term planning of customers for business and application so as to facilitate the subsequent overall understanding and analysis of the business blueprint. the purpose is to initially determine the goal of customer business success.

3) High-level interviews

Interviews are conducted with senior management of customers (such as CEO,CIO/CTO, heads of business departments and heads of IT Digital) to understand the strategic objectives, business direction and digital transformation goal planning of the customer company. It focuses on core business scenarios (digital marketing or production and marketing collaboration or intelligent customer service), and conducts a comprehensive understanding and analysis from strategic objectives to digital implementation, so as to facilitate the subsequent formulation of customer success plans.

4.1.2 Discussion and solution design

1) Digital Strategy Workshop

Through current situation research and overall goal analysis, it focuses on core business scenarios (digital marketing, production and sales collaboration or intelligent customer service), sharing Alibaba Cloud and global partners' digital solutions and industry best practices, and plan to regularly organize Workshop seminars (2 high-level seminars/half a year + industry digital transformation seminars) to further clarify pain points, specific goals and core values, and also reach a consensus on the direction of digital implementation.

2) Customer Success Plan Design

Based on the current situation investigation and analysis and the overall situation of the seminar, it concentrates on the core business scenarios (digital marketing, production and marketing collaboration or intelligent customer service), and it is based on the digital solutions, cloud services and industry best practices of Aliyun and global partners, it formulates customer success service solutions, including strategic goal decomposition, business problem value proposition, implementation path design, implementation landing planning, service resource arrangement, MVP Pilot scenario design and action landing plan, clarify the value of each stage goal to help clients measure the effectiveness of their ROI investments. Note: There are additional costs for the service landing due to the existence of additional product solutions and human resources.

4.1.3 Landing execution plan and monitoring

Based on the customer success service plan, guide and assist the customer in the role of expert consultant to promote the service plan , monitor the implementation status of the project action and the achievement of the business effect. At the same time, through the MVP or POC form of Pilot small-scale effect verification, to identify the landing process blocking issues and risks, and regularly (monthly) form a comprehensive customer service report (service item implementation status, problems and risks, business value effect, etc.) to ensure the successful landing of customer service solutions.

Business growth support: regularly monitor customers' cloud product usage and performance, and provide optimization suggestions and measures to help customers take advantage of the technical advantages of Alibaba Cloud products to promote their business growth and innovation, including providing new features, product upgrades and optimization suggestions.

4.1.4 Knowledge transfer and empowerment promotion

According to the implementation of customer success service plan and action landing plan, it provides industry solution and product solution support. At the same time, it provides subject matter expert seminars (SME) and relevant training topics (such as digital transformation) training (Clouder cloud basic training is free, customized design and delivery of transformation cases with additional costs) in the form of theme seminars or online/offline special training based on the customer demand, so as to help users to understand and use good products to improve digital capabilities.

4.1.5 Continuous improvement and feedback

During the service cycle, VIP customer experience surveys are conducted based on the achievement of design objectives and project implementation feedback, so that internal expert teams can provide service/product improvement plans in a timely manner, form PDCA closed-loop feedback on customer success services, and enhance customer experience on Alibaba Cloud products.


Overview of strategic objective analysis and scheme design process

4.2 Consulting Services Supplement Package

If the standard version cannot cover the corresponding service cycle or complex business scenarios, the consulting service supplement package needs to be introduced to provide incremental services. Service types include domain expert services and digital project management services, each unit of quantity contains 50 person-days.

4.3 Customer Success Service (Premium Edition)

It contains the customer success service (standard version) service content corresponding to three core business scenarios (I. e. digital marketing, production and marketing collaboration, and intelligent customer service). The service cycle is 9 months, and the output corresponding to each phase is completed within the service cycle. Customers can change business scenarios according to actual needs, and ultimately the content of the consensus reached through communication and consultation between the two parties shall prevail.

5. Service process

Official website order payment-> project preparation-> current situation investigation-> scheme design-> implementation landing and empowerment promotion-> consulting service acceptance completed

Process description:


Process Description

Completion standard

Official website order payment

Customers can choose the official website professional service online order (enjoy enterprise discount) or choose offline contract purchase (bundled products)

Completion of payment

Project preparation

Identify Customer, Alibaba Cloud and third party stakeholders

Determine project objectives and acceptance criteria

Prepare and agree on project plan

Both parties confirm the Project Consulting Plan and agree on the project plan

Target status analysis

IT infrastructure research, business sector status and application system research, high-level interviews.

Current situation research, collect relevant current situation and needs, and both parties confirm the Customer Success Research and Analysis Report.

Scheme design

Digital Strategy Workshop and Customer Success Service Program Design

2 high-level seminars + industry digital transformation seminars, both parties confirm the Customer Success Service Plan

Implementation of Landing and Empowerment Promotion

Service project promotion, landing monitoring and guidance

Expert training or seminars

Provide industry solutions and product solution support

Landing monitoring and guidance, output Customer Comprehensive Service Report, and complete special training/seminar on digital transformation.

Continuous improvement and feedback

Customer experience survey, effect evaluation and continuous improvement

Both sides confirm the Effect Evaluation and Action Improvement Plan

Acceptance of consulting services

  • Organize and issue relevant documents

  • Organize the project acceptance report

Alibaba Cloud submits the "XXXX Customer Success Consulting Service Acceptance Report", which is signed by the customer.

6. Key Milestones

There are six major milestones in the consulting services project:

The project start time (T) shall be subject to the signing time of XXX Customer Success Consulting Service Contract or the completion and payment time of online orders in official website. The service period is 6 months (M). After the project starts, the detailed implementation plan of the project will be adjusted according to the actual situation of the project, subject to the confirmation of both parties.

Serial Number

Main work contents

Completion time


Project preparation

T +5 days


Current situation investigation and demand analysis



Discussion and Scheme Design



Landing execution planning and monitoring



Knowledge transfer and empowerment promotion



Continuous improvement and feedback


7. Customer Responsibility

  • The customer must assign a 1 customer success manager to assist Alibaba Cloud in the smooth implementation of the consulting services. This person in charge shall be responsible for the coordination and management of both parties (for example, Alibaba Cloud needs to conduct business system research and high-level seminars, and the customer's project leader shall coordinate the participation of relevant personnel), and shall be responsible for reviewing and accepting Alibaba Cloud services.

  • The client shall arrange relevant business personnel to participate in the research, meeting, review and other work of the project as planned during the implementation of the project, and provide the project team with information on the current situation and expected objectives in line with the business.

  • The customer shall arrange relevant requirements, design, development, operation and maintenance, control and other technical personnel as planned during the implementation of the project, and provide the project team with accurate and appropriate technical status information and expected goals.

  • The client shall arrange relevant supervisors/decision makers to participate in major meetings and milestones as planned during the project implementation process, keep abreast of the progress of the project, and promote the timely and effective resolution of various problems.

  • The client shall coordinate the participation of other resources as planned during the project implementation and provide the project team with accurate and appropriate status information and expected goals.

8. Acceptance Criteria

Project acceptance can be initiated if the work acceptance criteria meet the following conditions:

  • Alibaba Cloud submits the following project reports to the customer:

Project Phase



Deliverable Type

Status quo investigation

Current situation investigation and demand analysis

Customer Success Research and Analysis Report


Discussion and Scheme Design

Digital Strategy Seminar and Customer Success Service Scheme Design

Customer Success Service Plan


Implementation of landing

Service project promotion, landing monitoring and guidance

Comprehensive Customer Service Report


Empowerment Promotion

Expert training or seminars

Digital Transformation Training/Workshop


Continuous improvement and feedback

Effect evaluation and continuous improvement

Effect Evaluation and Action Improvement Program


  • After the above project report is submitted, the customer shall confirm the plan within 5 working days. If there is no objection, both parties shall confirm the Acceptance Report.

  • Confirming the Service Acceptance Report shall be regarded as the completion of the acceptance.

9. Conclusion

Upon acceptance, the consulting service will be marked as completed, and we look forward to assisting you in achieving your business success.