You cannot append domain names to a hosted certificate or change the domain names that are bound to the certificate. If you want to append domain names to a hosted certificate, change the domain names that are bound to the hosted certificate, or use the certificates that are associated with the hosted certificate and are not activated in advance, you must cancel hosting for the hosted certificate before you can perform the preceding operations. This topic describes how to cancel hosting for a certificate.

Cancel hosting for a certificate

  1. Log on to the SSL Certificates Service console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click SSL Certificates Service.
  3. Select Hosted from the certificate status drop-down list above the certificate list. This operation displays the hosted certificates.
  4. Find the certificate for which you want to cancel hosting and click Cancel in the Actions column.
    If the hosted certificate is associated with multiple certificates that are not activated, the operation to disassociate one of the associated certificates from the hosted certificate causes the other associated certificates to be disassociated from the hosted certificate.
  5. In the Prompt message, click OK.
    After you cancel hosting for the certificate, Certificate Management Service releases the certificate quota and hosting quota. You can click Apply for Certificate to view the available certificate specifications and the remaining hosting quota in the Apply for Certificate panel.

What to do next

For hosted certificates for which you canceled hosting:

If a certificate is issued by GlobalSign, you can change the domain names that are bound to the certificate. For more information, see Change a domain name.

For associated certificates that are not activated:

You can use the certificate quota to submit certificate applications. For more information, see Submit a certificate application.