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Server Migration Center:Functions and features

Last Updated:Sep 27, 2023

Server Migration Center (SMC) supports automatic data migration from one or more source servers to Alibaba Cloud. This topic describes the features of server migration.

Incremental data migration

You can synchronize incremental data from a source server to Alibaba Cloud without interrupting your services. For more information, see Migrate incremental data from a source server.

Batch migration

  • You can start multiple migration tasks at a time in the SMC console.

  • You can call the API operations of SMC to create and start migration tasks, query the migration progress, and manage multiple migration tasks at a time. For more information, see List of operations by function.

Block replication

SMC can obtain the partitioning scheme of a source disk and replicate the partitioning scheme for the destination disk. You can specify the size of each partition of a destination disk. For more information, see the table of migration parameters in the Create a server migration task topic.

Server migration to Container Registry

SMC allows you to migrate Linux servers to Container Registry. You can use SMC to migrate containerized applications to Container Registry at low costs. Containerized applications are distributed applications that are managed in an automatic manner and deployed with high agility and low security risks. Application containerization improves resource usage and reduces computing costs. For more information, see Migrate source servers to Container Registry.