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Server Migration Center:SDK overview

Last Updated:Aug 01, 2023

This topic lists the SDKs that are provided by Server Migration Center (SMC) and provides the download links and examples for SMC SDKs V2.0.

Background information

A software development kit (SDK) is a collection of software development tools. It provides resources to facilitate the efficient development of applications, such as API operations, tools, sample codes, and documentation.

SMC SDKs encapsulate the APIs released on June 1, 2019. The SDKs identify callers based on their AccessKey pairs and provide features such as automatic signature to allow you to create and manage resources by calling API operations.


You can access OpenAPI Explorer to download SMC SDKs V2.0 or SMC SDKs V1.0. SMC SDKs V2.0 do not change SMC features, but improve user experience and enhance the capability of verifying sample code. For more information, see Differences between Darabonba (V2.0) SDKs and Classic (V1.0) SDKs.

Download links and examples

Alibaba Cloud provides the download links of SMC SDKs for different programming languages, such as Java and Python. The following table describes the download links and examples of SMC SDK for Java and SMC SDK for Python.

Programming language

Download link



Examples of using SMC SDK for Java


Examples of using SMC SDK for Python


  • OpenAPI Explorer allows you to debug API operations online and can automatically generate SDK samples to reduce the difficulty of calling API operations. For more information, see OpenAPI Explorer.

  • For more information about the SMC API operations, see List of operations by function.

  • For more information about Alibaba Cloud SDKs, see the documentation of Alibaba Cloud SDK.