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Simple Log Service:Transmit data across regions

Last Updated:Jan 19, 2024

Simple Log Service allows you to transfer data across regions by using the data transformation feature. This topic describes the use scenarios, procedure, and billing of data transmission across regions.


If your cloud services are deployed in different regions, the service-related logs are distributed across these regions. If you want to collect these logs, you can use the data transformation feature of Simple Log Service.



  1. On the data transformation page, enter a data transformation statement and click Preview Data. For more information, see Create a data transformation job.


    If you want to transfer raw logs, you do not need to enter a transformation rule.


  2. If no error occurs, click Save as Transformation Rule.

  3. In the Create Data Transformation Job panel, configure the Target Region parameter.

    For information about other parameters, see Create a data transformation rule.选择目标地域


  • How am I charged for data transmission across regions?

    You are charged based on the size of compressed data during data transmission. For example, if the compression ratio is 10:1 and you need to transfer 10 MB of raw data, the size of the data after compression is 1 MB. This way, only 1 MB of data incurs fees. For more information about the billing methods, see Billable items of pay-by-feature.

  • How do I increase the data compression ratio?

    If you want to increase the data compression ratio when you use the web tracking feature, we recommend that you specify fixed values for the __topic__, __tag__, and __source__ fields in different log entries to transmit the fields as a log group. Log data is compressed by log group. If you do not specify fixed values for the __source__, __topic__, and __tag__fields, multiple log groups may be generated and the data compression ratio is reduced.

  • What do I do if a network connection is unstable?

    • The stability of cross-region data transmission varies based on the network environment of the Internet. If you transfer data across borders, network stability cannot be ensured. If the network connection is unstable, the data transmission job automatically retries.

    • You can activate Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) to improve network stability.

      1. Enable the global acceleration feature. For more information, see Enable the global acceleration feature.

      2. In the Create Data Transformation Job panel, select DCDN Acceleration and click DCDN Acceleration Connectivity Test.全球加速