This topic describes the fields of VPC flow logs.

Field Description
__topic__ The topic of the log entry. Valid value: flow_log.
version The version of the flow log.
vswitch-id The ID of the vSwitch to which the ENI is attached.
vm-id The ID of the ECS instance to which the ENI is attached.
vpc-id The ID of the VPC to which the ENI belongs.
account-id The ID of the Alibaba Cloud account.
eni-id The ID of the ENI.
srcaddr The source IP address.
srcport The source port.
dstaddr The destination IP address.
dstport The destination port.
protocol The IANA protocol number of the traffic. For more information, see Internet protocol number.
direction The direction of the traffic flow. Valid values:
  • in: inbound traffic
  • out: outbound traffic
packets The number of data packets.
bytes The number of bytes in a data packet.
start The start time of the capture window.
end The end time of the capture window.
log-status The logging status of the flow log. Valid values:
  • OK: Flow log data is recorded as expected.
  • NODATA: No inbound or outbound traffic is transmitted over the ENI during the capture window.
  • SKIPDATA: Some flow log data is not recorded within the capture window.
action The actions performed on traffic flows. Valid values:
  • ACCEPT: the traffic that security groups allow to transfer.
  • REJECT: the traffic that security groups disallow to transfer.