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Simple Log Service:Enable the log analysis feature

Last Updated:Dec 27, 2023

This topic describes how to enable the log analysis feature in the Security Center console.


Log Service and Security Center are activated.


  1. Log on to the Security Center console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Detection and Response > Log Analysis.
  3. In the Activate Log Service step, click Activate Now.
  4. On the Purchase page, select the edition and specify the storage capacity. For more information about other parameters, see Purchase Security Center.
    After you specify the log storage capacity, the log analysis feature is enabled.
    • The log analysis feature is unavailable for Security Center Basic Edition.
    • You can view the network logs, security logs, and host logs of Security Center Enterprise Edition. You can view the security logs and host logs of Security Center Anti-virus Edition and Advanced Edition.
  5. Complete the payment as prompted.
    After you enable the log analysis feature, Log Service immediately collects logs from Security Center. Log Service automatically creates a dedicated project and a dedicated Logstore, and creates indexes for the Logstore.
  6. Return to the Log Analysis page and click Use Service.

Related operations

Disable log deliveryOn the Log Analysis page, you can disable log delivery for specific types of logs. You can also turn off the switch next to All enabled to disable log delivery for all types of logs.
Scale out the log storage capacityIf the current log storage capacity cannot meet your business requirements, you can click Expand on the Log Analysis page to increase the log storage capacity.
Clear logsIf you want to delete logs to release the log storage space, click Empty on the Log Analysis page.
Warning After you perform this operation, all logs that are stored are deleted. Proceed with caution.

What to do next

After Log Service collects logs, you can query, analyze, download, ship, and transform the logs in the Log Service console. You can also create alert rules for the logs. For more information, see Common operations on logs of Alibaba Cloud services.