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Simple Log Service:Rules for resource plans

Last Updated:Aug 29, 2023

This topic describes the rules that are used to offset fees from a resource plan and the sequence based on which multiple resource plans are used to offset fees.


  • Resource plans (Subscription Plan) can be used to offset the fees of billable items. The billable items include used storage space, index traffic, read and write traffic, requests, data transformation, data shipping, alert notification messages (text messages), and alert notification calls.

  • A resource plan provides the same quota for resource usage each month during the validity period. If you exceed the monthly quota of your resource plan, you are charged for the excess resource usage based on the pay-as-you-go billing method.

    For example, if you purchase a resource plan that provides a quota of 100,000 CUs per month and has a validity period of three years, you can use 100,000 CUs each month during the 3-year validity period to offset your Simple Log Service fees.

  • You cannot use the resource plans of Simple Log Service to offset the fees of other cloud services.

  • The quota in a resource plan is cleared at the end of each month and is reset at the start of the next month.


You can purchase multiple resource plans. If you have purchased multiple resource plans, Simple Log Service uses the resource plans based on the sequence in which the resource plans expire. Simple Log Service preferentially offsets fees from the resource plan that first expires.