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Log Service:get_config_applied_machine_groups

Last Updated:Oct 26, 2023

Obtains the list of machine groups to which a specified Logtail configuration is applied.

Request syntax

aliyunlog log get_config_applied_machine_groups --project_name=<value> --config_name=<value> [--access-id=<value>] [--access-key=<value>] [--sts-token=<value>] [--region-endpoint=<value>] [--client-name=<value>] [--jmes-filter=<value>] [--format-output=<value>] [--decode-output=<value>]

Request parameters

The following table describes the required and specific parameters of the get_config_applied_machine_groups command.
--project_nameStringYesaliyun-test-projectThe name of the project.
--config_nameStringYesconfig_name2The name of the Logtail configuration.
For information about the global parameters of the Log Service command-line interface (CLI), see Global parameters.


  • Sample requests
    Obtain the list of machine group to which a specified Logtail configuration is applied. Run the following command:
    aliyunlog log get_config_applied_machine_groups --project_name="aliyun-test-project" --config_name="config_name2"
  • Sample responses
      "count": 1,
      "machinegroups": [

Error codes

If an error message is returned, fix the error based on the error codes of the related API operation. For more information, see GetAppliedMachineGroups.

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