Network Load Balancer (NLB) is available for public preview starting July 22, 2022. Alibaba Cloud invites you to try the features of NLB.


The NLB public preview starts on July 22, 2022. For more information about the end date, pay attention to the announcements on the Alibaba Cloud site.

Billing rules for NLB during the public preview

The total fees for the NLB service include an instance fee, a Load Balancer Capacity Unit (LCU) fee, and a fee for data transmission over the Internet. During the public preview, you are not charged an instance fee or an LCU fee. You are charged only for data transmission over the Internet. If you do not need NLB to provide Internet-facing services, you can use NLB free of charge during the public preview. After the public preview ends, you are charged an instance fee and an LCU fee. For more information about the billing rules, see NLB billable items.


If you violate the following terms, the free trial becomes unavailable. Alibaba Cloud reserves the rights to adjust and terminate the free trial.

  • You must not transfer your membership for a free trial to other users.
  • You shall not use the service to engage in illegal activities. Otherwise, you shall bear all consequences arising therefrom.
  • You shall not use the service to manage illegal businesses online. Alibaba Cloud reserves the right to terminate your business anytime and shall not assume any responsibility arising therefrom.
Notice During the public preview, no Service Level Agreement (SLA) terms are guaranteed and you shall not use the service to deploy business-critical services.

Get started

After your application is approved, log on to the NLB console to use the service.
  • For more information about the NLB service and the common scenarios, see What is NLB?.
  • For more information about how to get started with the NLB service, see NLB quick start.