The operation log feature of Classic Load Balancer (CLB) is used to record activities in CLB within your Alibaba Cloud account. After you enable the feature, records are generated when you access or manage the CLB service.

Background information

The operation log feature of CLB is integrated with the event management feature of ActionTrail. ActionTrail is a service that monitors and records activities within your Alibaba Cloud account. Records are generated when you use the Alibaba Cloud Management Console, call APIs, or use SDKs to access or manage services on Alibaba Cloud.

Query logs

  1. Log on to the CLB console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Log Management > Operation Logs.
  3. On the Operation Logs page, perform the following operations to query logs:
    1. Select an event type.
      Event typeSupported option
      Read-Write TypeValid values: Write and Read.
      User NameSpecify a username type. For example, user1 specifies a RAM user.
      Resource TypeSelect a resource type.
    2. Select a time period. You can query data collected in the last 90 days.
    3. Click The Search icon to query the logs.
  4. Find the event that you want to manage and click the icon.
  5. View detailed information about the event.
    1. Click Event Detail.
    2. The Event Details message displays the record in XML. You can click the The Copy icon icon to copy the record and save the record as needed. For example, you can save the record in local storage.