This topic describes the pricing of Short Message Service (SMS).

Important SMS reserves the right to adjust the prices of resource plans in response to changes in carrier charges. Customers who use the pay-as-you-go billing method are given written notice five days before the prices are changed.


Note The prices in the following table are for reference only. For information about specific prices, contact technical support.
SMS allows you to send messages to over 200 countries and regions across the world. The unit price of each message varies with the country or region.
Country or region Alpha-2 code Unit price (USD/message)
Albania ALB 0.05
Algeria DZA 0.20
Afghanistan AFG 0.10
Argentina ARG 0.10
UAE ARE 0.10
Aruba ABW 0.05
Oman OMN 0.10
Azerbaijan AZE 0.15
Ascension Island ASC 0.15
Egypt EGY 0.10
Ethiopia ETH 0.15
Ireland IRL 0.05
Estonia EST 0.10
Andorra AND 0.05
Angola AGO 0.05
Anguilla AIA 0.05
Antigua and Barbuda ATG 0.05
Austria AUT 0.05
Australia AUS 0.05
Macau (China) MAC 0.05
Barbados BRB 0.05
Papua New Guinea PNG 0.05
Bahamas BHS 0.05
Pakistan PAK 0.15
Paraguay PRY 0.05
Palestine PSE 0.10
Bahrain BHR 0.05
Panama PAN 0.05
Brazil BRA 0.05
Belarus BLR 0.20
Bermuda BMU 0.05
Bulgaria BGR 0.10
Benin BEN 0.05
Belgium BEL 0.10
Iceland ISL 0.05
Puerto Rico PRI 0.05
Poland POL 0.05
Polynesia PYF 0.10
Bosnia and Herzegovina BIH 0.05
Bolivia BOL 0.05
Belize BLZ 0.05
Botswana BWA 0.05
Bhutan BTN 0.10
Burkina Faso BFA 0.05
Burundi BDI 0.05
Equatorial Guinea GNQ 0.05
Denmark DNK 0.05
Germany DEU 0.10
American Samoa ASM 0.05
Togo TGO 0.05
Dominican Republic DOM 0.05
Dominica DMA 0.05
Russia RUS 0.30
Ecuador ECU 0.10
Eritrea ERI 0.10
France FRA 0.05
Faroe Islands FRO 0.05
French Guiana GUF 0.15
Philippines PHL 0.05
Fiji FJI 0.05
Finland FIN 0.10
Cape Verde CPV 0.05
Falkland Islands FLK 0.05
Gambia GMB 0.05
Colombia COL 0.05
Costa Rica CRI 0.05
Grenada GRD 0.05
Greenland GRL 0.05
Georgia GEO 0.10
Guadeloupe GLP 0.10
Guam GUM 0.05
Guyana GUY 0.05
Haiti HTI 0.10
South Korea KOR 0.05
Netherlands NLD 0.10
Netherlands Antilles ANT 0.05
Montenegro MNE 0.05
Honduras HND 0.05
Kiribati KIR 0.05
Djibouti DJI 0.05
Kyrgyzstan KGZ 0.15
Guinea GIN 0.10
Guinea-Bissau GNB 0.05
Ghana GHA 0.10
Gabon GAB 0.05
Kampuchea KHM 0.10
Czech CZE 0.05
Zimbabwe ZWE 0.05
Cameroon CMR 0.05
Qatar QAT 0.05
Cayman Islands CYM 0.05
Cook Islands COK 0.05
Comoros COM 0.05
Ivory Coast CIV 0.05
Kuwait KWT 0.15
Croatia HRV 0.05
Kenya KEN 0.05
Latvia LVA 0.05
Lesotho LSO 0.05
Laos LAO 0.05
Lebanon LBN 0.10
Lithuania LTU 0.05
Liberia LBR 0.05
Libya LBY 0.15
Liechtenstein LIE 0.05
Réunion REU 0.10
Luxembourg LUX 0.05
Rwanda RWA 0.05
Romania ROU 0.05
Madagascar MDG 0.10
Maldives MDV 0.05
Malta MLT 0.05
Malawi MWI 0.10
Malaysia MYS 0.05
Mali MLI 0.10
Mariana Islands MNP 0.05
Macedonia MKD 0.05
Marshall Islands MHL 0.05
Martinique MTQ 0.10
Mauritius MUS 0.10
Mauritania MRT 0.10
US USA 0.05
Mongolia MNG 0.10
Montserrat MSR 0.05
Bangladesh BGD 0.15
Peru PER 0.05
Micronesia FSM 0.05
Myanmar MMR 0.15
Moldova MDA 0.05
Morocco MAR 0.10
Monaco MCO 0.05
Mozambique MOZ 0.05
Mexico MEX 0.05
Namibia NAM 0.05
South Africa ZAF 0.05
Nauru NRU 0.10
Nicaragua NIC 0.05
Nepal NPL 0.10
Niger NER 0.10
Nigeria NGA 0.10
Niue NIU 0.05
Norway NOR 0.05
Norfolk Island NFK 0.05
Palau PLW 0.05
Portugal PRT 0.05
Japan JPN 0.05
Sweden SWE 0.05
Switzerland CHE 0.05
El Salvador SLV 0.05
Serbia SRB 0.05
Sierra Leone SLE 0.05
Senegal SEN 0.10
Cyprus CYP 0.05
Seychelles SYC 0.05
Saudi Arabia SAU 0.10
São Tomé and Príncipe STP 0.05
Saint Helena SHN 0.15
Saint Kitts and Nevis KNA 0.05
Saint Lucia LCA 0.05
San Marino SMR 0.05
Saint Pierre and Miquelon SPM 0.05
Saint Vincent VCT 0.05
Sri Lanka LKA 0.15
Slovakia SVK 0.05
Slovenia SVN 0.05
Swaziland SWZ 0.05
Suriname SUR 0.05
Solomon Islands SLB 0.05
Somalia SOM 0.10
Tajikistan TJK 0.20
Taiwan (China) TWN 0.05
Thailand THA 0.05
Tanzania TZA 0.10
Tonga TON 0.05
Turks and Caicos Islands TCA 0.05
Trinidad and Tobago TTO 0.05
Tunisia TUN 0.10
Tuvalu TUV 0.05
Türkiye TUR 0.05
Turkmenistan TKM 0.10
Tokelau TKL 0.15
Wallis and Futuna WLF 0.10
Vanuatu VUT 0.05
Guatemala GTM 0.05
Venezuela VEN 0.05
Brunei BRN 0.05
Uganda UGA 0.10
Uruguay URY 0.05
Uzbekistan UZB 0.20
Spain ESP 0.05
Samoa WSM 0.05
Greece GRC 0.05
Hong Kong (China) HKG 0.05
Singapore SGP 0.05
New Caledonia NCL 0.05
New Zealand NZL 0.10
Hungary HUN 0.05
Jamaica JAM 0.05
Armenia ARM 0.10
Yemen YEM 0.10
Iraq IRQ 0.15
Israel ISR 0.10
Italy ITA 0.05
India IND 0.05
Indonesia IDN 0.10
UK GBR 0.05
Jordan JOR 0.15
Vietnam VNM 0.10
Zambia ZMB 0.10
Zaire COD 0.10
Chad TCD 0.10
Gibraltar GIB 0.05
Chile CHL 0.05
Central Africa Republic CAF 0.05
China CHN 0.05

Resource plans

SMS provides resource plans to help you save resource usage costs. If you purchase a resource plan, SMS first offsets your resource usage from the resource plan. If the quota of the resource plan is insufficient, the pay-as-you-go billing method is automatically used for the excess resource usage. You can view the prices of resource plans on the buy page of resource plans.

International SMS plan (plus)

You can use an international SMS plan (plus) to send messages to recipients in more than 200 countries and regions.

International SMS plan

You cannot use international SMS plans to send messages to recipients in the following countries and regions: Tajikistan, Martinique, Palestine, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, Jordan, Armenia, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Libya, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Cook Islands, French Guiana, Chad, Nigeria, Finland, Guadeloupe, Polynesia, Israel, Germany, Mali, Luxembourg, Mongolia, Ghana, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and Egypt. (Updated: August 23, 2022)

Resource plan for a specific country or region

You can select a resource plan that is designed for a specific country or region on the buy page of resource plans.

  • The messages sent before you purchase a resource plan and the messages sent after the plan runs out of its quota are billed based on the pay-as-you-go billing method.
  • After you purchase a resource plan, you cannot apply for a refund.
  • If your Alibaba Cloud account has overdue payments, your resource plan cannot be used. If your resource plan is in use, you cannot apply for a refund for the remaining quota of the plan.
  • A resource plan is valid for 180 days. After it expires, the message quota can no longer be used.

Billing rules

  • Bills are updated in real time. On the first day of each month, the bill of the previous month is generated. Alibaba Cloud automatically offsets the quota from a resource plan or your Alibaba Cloud account. Then, you can apply for an invoice for the bill.
  • Messages are billed after they are submitted. Even if a message fails to be delivered, you are still charged for the message.

Overdue payments

If the balance of your Alibaba Cloud account, (including coupons) is less than the payable amount on your bill, the bill is overdue. If you have overdue bills, you cannot send messages.


Log on to the SMS console. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Statistics > Fee Report. On the Fee Report page, you can view prepaid bills and postpaid bills on the Post-pay Billing tab and the Resource Plan Statistics tab. Bills