After you deploy an application on Serverless App Engine (SAE), you can bind an Internet-facing Server Load Balancer (SLB) instance to the application to enable Internet access. You can also bind an internal-facing SLB instance to the application to enable communication with other applications in the virtual private cloud (VPC) in which your application resides. Before you bind an SLB instance to your application, you must be familiar with the implementation and limits of SLB.

Implementation of SLB

Alibaba Cloud SLB is a service that helps you balance traffic loads. For more information, see SLB Documentation.

Limits of SLB

In SAE, SLB instances are used to access applications. A listener on an SLB instance exposes your business and enables access. However, limits exist when you use SLB instances.

The following section describes the limits of SLB instances.

  • The listener that is configured in SAE cannot be modified in the SLB console.

    The instances that are provided by SAE are non-Elastic Compute Service (ECS) containers, which are changeable and stateless. Therefore, the configuration that is used by a listener of an SLB instance to forward traffic to an SAE instance needs to be frequently changed. Each time you deploy an application or SAE restarts the application, the configurations of the application are reset. We recommend that you do not modify the same listener that is configured in SAE in the SLB console. The default configuration of the listener and the custom settings that you configure for the SLB instance in SAE overwrite the configurations that you modified in the SLB console.

  • If you delete the access configuration of an SLB instance that is purchased by using SAE, the SLB instance is released. You cannot purchase the same SLB instance. Proceed with caution.

    If similar purchase and recycling behaviors exist in other services, proceed with caution if you use existing SLB instances. We recommend that you purchase new SLB instances in SAE or in SLB.

  • Shared-resource SLB instances are not supported in SAE.
  • Other limits

    For more information about the limits of SLB, see Limits.