If resources that you specify in templates are billable items, you may want to estimate the resource prices. You can estimate the prices by using the Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) console or by calling the specified API operation. This topic describes how to estimate the resource prices.


You can use one of the following methods to estimate resource prices:

  • ROS console: If the resources specified in the templates that you use to create stacks support price inquiry, the estimated prices appear in the Check and Confirm step of the stack creation wizard in the console. The prices in the console are for reference only. The actual prices shall prevail.
  • API operation: You can call the GetTemplateEstimateCost operation to estimate resource prices.

Resource types that support price inquiry

Note The billing method of a resource varies based on the billing parameter that you specify in the template. For example, if you set the InstanceChargeType parameter to PrePaid in ALIYUN::ECS::Instance, you are charged for the Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance based on the subscription billing method.
Service Resource type
Application Load Balancer (ALB) ALIYUN::ALB::LoadBalancer
ApsaraDB MyBase ALIYUN::CDDC::DedicatedHost
Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) ALIYUN::CEN::CenBandwidthPackage
Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)
PolarDB-X 1.0 ALIYUN::DRDS::DrdsInstance
Elastic Container Instance
Elastic High Performance Computing (E-HPC) ALIYUN::EHPC::Cluster
Elasticsearch ALIYUN::ElasticSearch::Instance
E-MapReduce (EMR) ALIYUN::EMR::Cluster
Edge Node Service (ENS) ALIYUN::ENS::Instance
Alibaba Cloud Marketplace ALIYUN::MarketPlace::Order
ApsaraDB for Memcache (OCS) ALIYUN::Memcache::Instance
ApsaraDB for MongoDB
ApsaraDB for Redis ALIYUN::REDIS::Instance
ApsaraDB RDS
Serverless App Engine (SAE) ALIYUN::SAE::Application
Smart Access Gateway (SAG) ALIYUN::SAG::SmartAccessGateway
SLB ALIYUN::SLB::LoadBalancer
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL
API Gateway ALIYUN::ApiGateway::Instance
Data Transmission Service (DTS)
Message Queue for Apache Kafka ALIYUN::KAFKA::Instance
Apsara File Storage NAS (NAS) ALIYUN::NAS::FileSystem
ApsaraDB for ClickHouse ALIYUN::ClickHouse::DBCluster
Global Accelerator (GA) ALIYUN::GA::Accelerator
Time Series Database (TSDB) ALIYUN::TSDB::HiTSDBInstance
Microservice Engine (MSE) ALIYUN::MSE::Cluster
Web Application Firewall (WAF) ALIYUN::WAF::Instance
AnalyticDB for MySQL ALIYUN::ADB::DBCluster