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Resource Orchestration Service:How to use ROS to automatically activate Alibaba Cloud services?

Last Updated:Apr 01, 2024

Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) allows you to automatically activate one or more Alibaba Cloud services. This topic describes how to use ROS to automatically activate Alibaba Cloud services.

For more information about the Alibaba Cloud services that can be automatically activated by using ROS, see the valid values of the ServiceName property in ALIYUN::ROS::AutoEnableService.

Sample template

You can define ALIYUN::ROS::AutoEnableService in a template to automatically activate Alibaba Cloud services by using ROS. Sample template:

ROSTemplateFormatVersion: '2015-09-01'
  Type: String
    Description: |
      Which service to enable. Valid values:
      AHAS: Application High Availability Service
      ARMS: Realtime Monitoring Service
      ApiGateway: API Gateway
      BatchCompute: Batch Compute
      BrainIndustrial: Brain Industrial
      CloudStorageGateway: Cloud Storage Gateway
      CMS: Cloud Monitor Service
      CR: Container Registry
      CS: Container Service
      DataHub: Data Hub
      DataWorks: DataWorks
      DCDN: Dynamic Route for CDN
      EDAS: Enterprise Distributed Application Service
      EMAS: Enterprise Mobile Application Studio
      FC: Function Compute
      FNF: Serverless Workflow
      MaxCompute: MaxCompute
      NAS: Network Attached Storage
      MNS: Message Service (MNS)
      : Hybrid Backup Recovery
      IMM: Intelligent Media Management
      IOT: IoT Platform
      KMS: Key Management Service
      NLP: Natural Language Processing
      OSS: Object Storage Service
      OTS: Table Store
      PrivateLink: Private Link
      PrivateZone: Private Zone
      RocketMQ: RocketMQ
      SAE: Serverless App Engine
      SLS: Log Service
      TrafficMirror: VPC Traffic Mirroring
      VS: Video Surveillance
      Xtrace: Tracing Anlaysis
      CDT: Cloud Data Transfer
      CDTCb: Cloud Data Transfer for Cross Border
      TransitRouter: Cen Transit Router
      PAI: Platform of Artificial Intelligence
      - IOT
      - EMAS
      - MaxCompute
      - BatchCompute
      - IMM
      - Xtrace
      - DataWorks
      - FNF
      - FC
      - KMS
      - CS
      - CR
      - DataHub
      - EDAS
      - CMS
      - RocketMQ
      - HBR
      - ApiGateway
      - NLP
      - SLS
      - NAS
      - OSS
      - MNS
      - TrafficMirror
      - ARMS
      - SAE
      - CloudStorageGateway
      - PrivateZone
      - DCDN
      - VS
      - AHAS
      - BrainIndustrial
      - OTS
      - PrivateLink
      - CDT
      - CDTCb
      - TransitRouter
      - PAI
  Type: 'ALIYUN::ROS::AutoEnableService'
    Ref: ServiceName