You can use Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) to model and configure your Alibaba Cloud resources. ROS provides the following benefits: improved deployment efficiency, convenient architecture optimization, cost-effectiveness, compliance control, and free hosting for Terraform.

Improved deployment efficiency

You can use templates in ROS to provision your entire cloud environment. ROS templates help you deploy cloud resources in new zones as your business grows. ROS templates can also be used to deploy the development, testing, and production environments with improved deployment efficiency and reduced chances of human errors.

Convenient architecture optimization

An exclusive cloud migration guide for enterprises is developed by Alibaba Cloud based on previous cloud migration experience from a large number of customers. The templates at the ROS Solution Center provide the best practices for cloud migration. You can deploy these templates based on your business requirements to optimize your cloud architecture.


You can use templates in ROS to provision your entire cloud environment. After you specify templates, ROS can automatically deploy or delete stacks at a large scale as demand for resources increases or decreases. ROS allows you to buy cloud resources based on your business requirements, which reduces your costs.

Compliance control

ROS is a template-based Infrastructure as Code (IaC) service. You can define your infrastructure as code in your templates. Each time you want to create or update a template, you can review the code. Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) are also integrated into templates, which ensures that the templates meet the management requirements of your organization and that your cloud environment is security- and compliance-focused.

Free hosting for Terraform

ROS provides free hosting for Terraform. You can create Terraform templates and stacks to orchestrate resources on Alibaba Cloud, AWS, or Azure. Terraform is compatible with the ROS API. You can call ROS API operations after you create a Terraform template.