Resource Center is free of charge. You can use this service immediately after you activate it.

Note Resource Center is an upgrade of Resource Meta Center (RMC). If you have activated RMC, you can use Resource Center without the need to activate it.


  1. Log on to the Resource Management console. The Resource Center page appears.
  2. On the Resource Center page, click Enable.

    In most cases, the system requires a few minutes to build the resource center and update resource information. If you have a large amount of resources, the system may require more time.


Resource Center obtains information about your resources by calling the related API operations of services. When you activate Resource Center, you must authorize the system to create a service-linked role named AliyunServiceRoleForResourceMetaCenter. Then, Resource Center assumes this role to obtain the information about your resources and build a resource center for you. For more information, see Service-linked role for Resource Center.

Each time Resource Center retrieves resources, an event is generated and recorded in ActionTrail. For example, when Resource Center assumes the AliyunServiceRoleForResourceMetaCenter role to retrieve your virtual private clouds (VPCs), an event is generated and recorded in ActionTrail. The following figure shows the event.

Event Detail Query