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Resource Management:Allocate costs by resource group

Last Updated:Mar 14, 2024

To allocate costs by resource group after you create resource groups, you can create cost centers and map the resource groups to the cost centers.

Background information

A gaming company (Company A) has three gaming projects under development. Each project requires multiple types of resources. Company A has only one Alibaba Cloud account but more than 100 Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances within this account.

The finance department of Company A wants separate bills to be generated for the projects.


  1. Create resource groups.

    1. Log on to the Resource Management console.

    2. Create one resource group for each project.

      For more information, see Create a resource group.

    3. Move resources to the desired resource groups.

      For more information, see Transfer resources across resource groups.

  2. Create cost centers.

    1. In the top navigation bar of the Resource Management console, choose Expenses > User Center.

    2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Manage Split > Cost Center.

    3. In the left-side navigation tree of the Cost Centers page, move the pointer over the desired node and click the + icon to create cost centers.


      To simplify management, the names of the cost centers can be the same as those of the resource groups.

  3. Map resource groups to cost centers.

    1. In the navigation tree, click Unallocated Resources. All the resources that are not allocated are then displayed in the right-side section.

    2. Filter the resources by resource group to show all the resources in a resource group. Select all the resources and click Allocate below the resource list.


      The information of resource groups is not synchronized to cost centers in real time. If you add resources to a resource group for the first time or have changed the resource group to which a resource belongs, you can view the information of the resource group in the related cost center about two days later.

    3. In the dialog box that appears, select a cost center and click OK.

    4. In the navigation tree, click the cost center name to view all the resources that are allocated to the cost center.

  4. View bills by cost center.

    1. In the left-side navigation pane of the Expenses and Costs console, choose Bills > Bill Details.

    2. On the page that appears, click the Billing Details tab. On this tab, filter bills by cost center and view the bills of each resource group.