This topic describes how to use Resource Access Management (RAM) to grant permissions to O&M engineers and manage the permissions.

Background information

An enterprise has purchased multiple Alibaba Cloud services and deployed its application systems on the cloud. This poses the following O&M requirements:

  • Different O&M engineers are responsible for different Alibaba Cloud services.
  • Different O&M engineers require different permissions to access and manage Alibaba Cloud resources.


The enterprise can create RAM users and attach different policies to the RAM users to meet different O&M requirements.

O&M engineer Policy Description
Cloud O&M engineers AdministratorAccess Permissions to manage all Alibaba Cloud resources.
VM O&M engineers AliyunECSFullAccess Permissions to manage Elastic Compute Service (ECS).
AliyunESSFullAccess Permissions to manage Auto Scaling (ESS).
AliyunSLBFullAccess Permissions to manage Server Load Balancer (SLB).
AliyunNASFullAccess Permissions to manage Apsara File Storage NAS (NAS).
AliyunOSSFullAccess Permissions to manage Object Storage Service (OSS).
AliyunOTSFullAccess Permissions to manage Tablestore (OTS).
Network O&M engineers AliyunCDNFullAccess Permissions to manage Alibaba Cloud CDN (CDN).
AliyunCENFullAccess Permissions to manage Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN).
AliyunCommonBandwidthPackageFullAccess Permissions to manage EIP Bandwidth Plan.
AliyunEIPFullAccess Permissions to manage Elastic IP Address (EIP).
AliyunExpressConnectFullAccess Permissions to manage Express Connect.
AliyunNATGatewayFullAccess Permissions to manage NAT Gateway (NAT).
AliyunSCDNFullAccess Permissions to manage Secure CDN (SCDN).
AliyunSmartAccessGatewayFullAccess Permissions to manage Smart Access Gateway.
AliyunVPCFullAccess Permissions to manage Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
AliyunVPNGatewayFullAccess Permissions to manage VPN Gateway.
Database O&M engineers AliyunRDSFullAccess Permissions to manage ApsaraDB RDS.
AliyunDTSFullAccess Permissions to manage Data Transmission Service (DTS).
Security O&M engineers AliyunYundunFullAccess Permissions to manage all Alibaba Cloud Security services.
Monitoring O&M engineers AliyunActionTrailFullAccess Permissions to manage ActionTrail.
AliyunARMSFullAccess Permissions to manage Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS).
AliyunCloudMonitorFullAccess Permissions to manage CloudMonitor.
ReadOnlyAccess Permissions only to read all Alibaba Cloud resources.
AliyunSupportFullAccess Permissions to manage Ticket Management.


This example describes how to set the RAM user as a database O&M engineer. Then, the RAM user can manage ApsaraDB RDS and DTS.

  1. Log on to the RAM console by using your Alibaba Cloud account.
  2. Create a RAM user named
    For more information, see Create a RAM user.
  3. Attach the AliyunRDSFullAccess and AliyunDTSFullAccess policies to the RAM user
    For more information, see Grant permissions to a RAM user.

You can repeat 1 to 3 to create other RAM users and attach policies to the RAM users so that the RAM users can manage different cloud services.