ApsaraDB RDS provides high-performance database instances. These database instances support features such as parameter optimization and SQL optimization.

Parameter optimization

All parameters that are used in ApsaraDB RDS have been tested and optimized over years of production practices that are conducted by a team of experienced database administrators (DBAs) from Alibaba Cloud. These DBAs have continued to optimize each ApsaraDB RDS instance throughout the lifecycle of the instance to ensure that the instance runs at its optimal configuration.

SQL optimization

ApsaraDB RDS identifies SQL statements that are run at low speeds and provides optimization recommendations.

High-end hardware

All server hardware that is used by ApsaraDB RDS has passed the tests of multiple concerned parties. This ensures that ApsaraDB RDS can deliver optimal performance and high stability.

High-speed access

If an ApsaraDB RDS instance is used with an Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance that resides in the same region as the RDS instance, these instances can communicate over an internal network to shorten response time and reduce Internet traffic consumption. For more information about ECS instances, see What is ECS?

Performance overview

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