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ApsaraDB RDS:[EOS/Discontinuation] New patches are no longer provided for RDS instances running SQL Server 2012

Last Updated:Oct 13, 2023

Alibaba Cloud no longer provides new patches for ApsaraDB RDS instances that run SQL Server 2012 from July 12, 2022.


  • If you continue to use RDS instances that run SQL Server 2012, security risks may arise in your applications and workloads. The security risks include but are not limited to security issues, application incompatibility issues, compliance issues, and possible security threats caused by some non-functional risks.

  • Alibaba Cloud is not responsible for the issues that occur in the kernel of SQL Server 2012 because these issues are not caused by Alibaba Cloud services. The issues include failures, security risks, incompatibility issues, and possible high-impact risks. You are responsible for the risks and consequences if any.

Effective date

July 12, 2022


Microsoft stopped providing free patches or security updates for SQL Server 2012 from July 12, 2022. However, Extended Security Updates is still available. Microsoft offers only paid Extended Security Updates for up to three years from July 12, 2022, which includes Security Updates and Bulletins rated "critical."


You can purchase up to three years of Extended Security Updates from Microsoft. Three years later, if you continue to purchase or use an RDS instance that runs SQL Server 2012, you must know that Alibaba Cloud does not provide new patches for your RDS instance that runs SQL Server 2012.

Application scope

RDS instances that run the following versions:

  • RDS SQL Server 2012 Web

  • SQL Server 2012 SE

  • SQL Server 2012 EE Basic

  • SQL Server 2012 EE