This topic describes the ST_Extent function, which obtains the coordinate range of a raster in the following format: '((maxX,maxY),(minX,minY))'.


BOX ST_Extent(raster raster_obj,CoorSpatialOption csOption = 'WorldFirst')
BOX ST_Extent(raster raster_obj, integer pyramid, CoorSpatialOption csOption = 'WorldFirst')


Parameter Description
raster_obj The raster whose coordinate range you want to obtain.
csOption The type of coordinate to return.
pyramid The pyramid level at which the raster resides. Valid values start from 0.


This function obtains the coordinate range of a raster based on the value of the csOption parameter:

  • Raster: This function returns pixel coordinates.
  • World: This function returns world coordinates.
  • WorldFirst: This function preferentially returns world coordinates. If the raster is georeferenced, this function returns world coordinates. Otherwise, this function returns pixel coordinates.


select ST_Extent(raster_obj, 'Raster'::CoorSpatialOption) from raster_table;

((255, 255), (0, 0))