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Quick BI:Overview

Last Updated:Sep 26, 2023

This topic describes the Visualization Screen and feature entries.

Interface Area Introduction

  1. toolbar

    In the toolbar, you can customize the dashboard name, favorites, undo, redo, collaborative authorization, lock grabbing, help, and scale.

  2. Component library

    Provides seven types of charts, as well as a wide range of text, media, interactive controls, and materials to meet diverse large screen building requirements.

  3. Page configuration area

    Supports adding pages, setting page carousel, and deleting pages.

  4. Layer configuration area

    Supports multiple layers; you can configure layer groups, layer carousels, lock and hide layers, and more.

  5. Canvas configuration area

    Adjust the canvas layout and cut, copy, lock, hide, and combine components.

  6. Component configuration area

    You can add data to a configuration and configure the widget style.

  7. Data processing area

    You can select datasets, add data, modify data format, and process data.


Log on to the Quick BI the console and use one of the methods shown in the figure to go to the Create Data Dashboard page.

  • Method 1: Create an ad hoc query from Quick Start on the Workbench tab out of a workspace

  • Method 2: Create an ad hoc query in the left-side navigation pane of the Workbench tab in a workspace

  • Entry 3: Create a workspace from the Data dashboard module

  • Method 4: Create a workbook on the Datasets page.

  • Method 5: Create a workbook on the editing page of a dataset.