The following tables list API operations available for use in Alibaba Cloud Domain Name System (DNS) PrivateZone.

Private zone management

Operation Description
DescribeUserServiceStatus Queries the status of the Alibaba Cloud DNS PrivateZone service under the current Alibaba Cloud account, for example, whether the service is activated, or whether the account has overdue payments.
DescribeZones Queries the list of private zones.
AddZone Creates a private zone.
CheckZoneName Checks whether the name of a private zone is valid.
UpdateZoneRemark Modifies the description of a private zone.
DescribeZoneInfo Queries the details of a private zone.
DeleteZone Deletes a private zone.
DescribeRegions Queries the list of available regions.
BindZoneVpc Associates private zones with Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) or disassociates private zones from VPCs.
ProxyPattern Configures the proxy pattern for a private zone to decide whether to perform recursive resolution when a queried subdomain name is not recorded in the private zone.
DescribeZoneVpcTree Queries the list of private zones and the corresponding VPCs with which the private zones are associated.

DNS record management

Operation Description
AddZoneRecord Creates a DNS record for a private zone.
UpdateZoneRecord Modifies a DNS record.
DeleteZoneRecord Deletes a DNS record.
DescribeZoneRecords Queries the list of DNS records.
SetZoneRecordStatus Configures the status of a DNS record.
DescribeChangeLogs Queries operations logs of DNS records.
UpdateRecordRemark Modifies the description of a DNS record.

Query volume management

Operation Description
DescribeStatisticSummary Retrieves the statistics of queries for the previous day.
DescribeRequestGraph Retrieves the query volume.