Databases are one of the most important types of basic software for enterprises. The rise of cloud computing has led to the innovation of traditional IT infrastructure. This brings new opportunities and challenges for cloud databases. In September 2017, Alibaba Cloud released an official version of PolarDB based on years of technical experience of Alibaba Group and innovative cloud native technology. PolarDB inherits the technology that is used to handle traffic spikes during Double 11. PolarDB decouples computing from storage and is developed based on innovative technology. PolarDB allows you to deploy databases on cloud native Kubernetes. Traditional databases provide limited storage capacity and take a long time for resource scaling. PolarDB removes the limits of traditional databases. PolarDB supports auto scaling in minutes, flexible reconfiguration, and ultra-high concurrency. PolarDB also provides enterprise-grade high availability and data security. If a primary node becomes faulty, a switchover between the primary node and a read-only node can be performed within 10 seconds. PolarDB enables encryption for data storage and transmission and meets the requirements of enterprises.

In 2020, PolarDB was awarded the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. PolarDB is proven as an industry benchmark for cloud native databases and plays a leading role in China and abroad. Due to excellent performance, PolarDB is recognized by thousands of customers. Tens of thousands of business systems and production instances use PolarDB to store data. PolarDB is one of the fastest-growing databases of Alibaba Cloud and is widely adopted in various industries. This includes public service sectors, energy sectors, carriers, finance sectors, and Internet enterprises.