PolarDB is a new-generation Cloud-native database that is developed by Alibaba Group. This service decouples computing from storage and uses integrated software and hardware. PolarDB is a secure and reliable database service that provides auto scaling, high performance, and mass storage. PolarDB is fully compatible with MySQL 5.6, MySQL 5.7, MySQL 8.0, and PostgreSQL 11. PolarDB is highly compatible with Oracle.

PolarDB uses an architecture that decouples computing from storage. All compute nodes share one set of data. PolarDB allows you to upgrade or downgrade specifications within minutes, and supports disaster recovery within seconds. PolarDB ensures that global data is consistent and offers data backup and disaster recovery for free. PolarDB provides the benefits of both commercial databases and open source cloud databases. The benefits of commercial databases include stability, reliability, high performance, and scalability. The benefits of open source cloud databases include ease of use, openness, and self iteration.


  • Cluster

    A PolarDB cluster of the Cluster Edition contains one primary node and a maximum of 15 read-only nodes. A minimum of one read-only node is required to provide high availability in active-active mode. If a cluster ID starts with pc, the cluster is a PolarDB cluster.

  • Node

    A node is a database service process that exclusively occupies physical memory. If a node ID starts with pi, the node is a PolarDB instance.

  • Database

    A database is a logical unit that is created on a node. You can create multiple databases on a node. The name of each database on the node must be unique.

  • Region and zone

    A region is a geographic area where data centers can be deployed. A zone is a geographic area in a region. This area has an independent power supply and network. For more information, see Global infrastructure of Alibaba Cloud.


Alibaba Cloud provides an easy-to-use web console to help you manage various Alibaba Cloud services, including the cloud database service PolarDB. In the console, you can create, connect to, and configure PolarDB databases.

Click the following link to log on to the PolarDB console: PolarDB console