Apsara PolarDB supports Node.js, Java, Go, PHP,. NET, and Python.

The following table lists the download links and development guides for different SDKs. For more information about SDKs, see AlibabaCloud Open Platform.

Note The SDKs described in this topic are only used to call the OpenAPI operations of PolarDB for MySQL. For example, you can use SDKs to call OpenAPI operations such as CreateDBCluster and ModifyDBClusterParameters, but you cannot use SDKs to call operations to add, delete, modify, or query data. For more information about the OpenAPIs of PolarDB for MySQL, see API overview.
Alibaba Cloud SDKPolarDB SDKDocumentation
Alibaba Cloud SDK for JavaAlibaba Cloud PolarDB SDK for JavaQuick start
Alibaba Cloud SDK for Node.jsAlibaba Cloud PolarDB SDK for Node.jsQuick start
Alibaba Cloud SDK for GoAlibaba Cloud PolarDB SDK for GoQuick start
Alibaba Cloud SDK for PHPAlibaba Cloud PolarDB SDK for PHPQuick start
Alibaba Cloud SDK for .NETAlibaba Cloud PolarDB SDK for .NETQuick start
Alibaba Cloud SDK for PythonAlibaba Cloud PolarDB SDK for PythonQuick start