The following table describes custom parameters.

Parameter name Valid value Restart required Description
autovacuum_max_workers [5-20] Yes Sets the maximum number of simultaneously running autovacuum worker processes.
autovacuum_vacuum_cost_delay [-1-100] No Vacuum cost delay in milliseconds, for autovacuum.
autovacuum_vacuum_cost_limit [-1-10000] No Vacuum cost amount available before napping, for autovacuum.
auto_explain.log_analyze [on|off] No Use EXPLAIN ANALYZE for plan logging.
auto_explain.log_buffers [on|off] No Log buffers usage.
auto_explain.log_format [text|xml|json|yaml] No EXPLAIN format to be used for plan logging.
auto_explain.log_min_duration [-1-2147483647] No Sets the minimum execution time above which plans will be logged.
auto_explain.log_nested_statements [on|off] No Log nested statements.
auto_explain.log_timing [on|off] No Collect timing data, not just row counts.
auto_explain.log_triggers [on|off] No Include trigger statistics in plans.
auto_explain.log_verbose [on|off] No Use EXPLAIN VERBOSE for plan logging.
auto_explain.sample_rate [0-1] No Fraction of queries to process.
default_transaction_deferrable [on|off] No Sets the default deferrable status of new transactions.
enable_partitionwise_aggregate [on|off] No Enables partitionwise aggregation and grouping.
enable_partitionwise_join [on|off] No Enables partitionwise join.
extra_float_digits [-15-3] No Sets the number of digits displayed for floating-point values.
idle_in_transaction_session_timeout 0 or [1000-2000000000] No Sets the maximum allowed duration of any idling transaction.
jit [on|off] No Allow JIT compilation.
lock_timeout 0 or [1000-2000000000] No Sets the maximum allowed duration of any wait for a lock.
log_min_duration_statement [-1-2147483647] No Sets the minimum execution time above which statements will be logged.
log_statement [none|ddl|mod|all] No Sets the type of statements logged.
log_temp_files [-1-2147483647] No Log the use of temporary files larger than this number of kilobytes.
max_parallel_workers [0-512] No Sets the maximum number of parallel workers that can be active at one time.
max_parallel_workers_per_gather [0-512] No Sets the maximum number of parallel processes per executor node.
max_sync_workers_per_subscription [0-262143] No Maximum number of table synchronization workers per subscription.
min_parallel_index_scan_size [0-715827882] No Sets the minimum amount of index data for a parallel scan.
min_parallel_table_scan_size [0-715827882] No Sets the minimum amount of table data for a parallel scan.
old_snapshot_threshold [-1-86400] Yes Time before a snapshot is too old to read pages changed after the snapshot was taken.
polar_comp_dynatune [0-100] Yes Sets the polardb utilization percentage.
polar_comp_dynatune_profile [oltp|reporting|mixed] Yes Sets the workload profile for dynatune.
polar_comp_enable_pruning [on|off] No Enables the planner to early-prune partitioned tables.
polar_comp_redwood_date [on|off] No Determines whether DATE should behave like e TIMESTAMP or not.
polar_comp_redwood_greatest_least [on|off] No Determines whether GREATEST AND LEAST function should behave like Redwood or PG.
polar_comp_redwood_raw_names [on|off] No Return the unmodified name stored in the PostgreSQL system catalogs from Redwood interfaces.
polar_comp_redwood_strings [on|off] No Treat NULL as an empty string when concatenated with a TEXT value.
polar_comp_stmt_level_tx [on|off] No Allows continuing on errors instead of requiring a transaction abort.
statement_timeout 0 or [1000-2000000000] No Sets the maximum allowed duration of any statement.
temp_file_limit [-1-1048576000] No Limits the total size of all temporary files used by each process.
timezone ^'(((UTC)(-){0,1}(d|[1-9]d|1([0-5]d|6[0-7])))|((GMT)(-){0,1}(d|[1-9]d|1([0-5]d|6[0-7])))|CST6CDT|Poland|Kwajalein|MST|NZ|Universal|Libya|Turkey|EST5EDT|Greenwich|NZ-CHAT|MET|Portugal|GMT-0|CET|Eire|PST8PDT|Jamaica|GMT|Zulu|Japan|ROC|GB-Eire|ROK|Navajo|Singapore|posixrules|GB|EST|GMT0|Hongkong|PRC|Iran|MST7MDT|WET|W-SU|UCT|Cuba|Egypt|EET|Israel|UTC|HST|Iceland)'$ No Sets the time zone for displaying and interpreting time stamps.
track_commit_timestamp [on|off] Yes Collects transaction commit time.
vacuum_defer_cleanup_age [0-1000000] No Number of transactions by which VACUUM and HOT cleanup should be deferred, if any.
wal_level [replica|logical] Yes Set the level of information written to the WAL.
work_mem [4096-524288] No Sets the maximum memory to be used for query workspaces.