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Last Updated:Feb 23, 2024

PolarDB allows you to purchase compute nodes by using two billing methods: pay-as-you-go and subscription. The pricing of clusters varies based on the used billing method. You can apply storage plans to compute nodes that use one of the two billing methods.

Expert service

If you have questions about billing, join the following DingTalk group. You can ask experts to answer your questions by mentioning them in the group or use the chatbot assistant that provides 24/7 support.

DingTalk group number: 31840035401.


The following table describes the differences between the two billing methods.

Billing method





You are charged for the computing power that you use. Fees are deducted from your account on an hourly basis.


Scenarios where the workloads are light, infrequently change, and have small fluctuations.


You must pay for the computing power in advance when you create a cluster.


Scenarios where the workloads are heavy, infrequently change, and have small fluctuations.

  • For more information about the comparison of the billing methods in terms of flexibility and price, see Comparison between the pay-as-you-go and subscription billing methods.

  • If you do not purchase a storage plan when you use the preceding two billing methods, you are charged for the amount of storage space that is consumed by your data and the period of time for which the data is retained. To store a large amount of data, we recommend that you purchase storage plans to offset fees for better cost-effectiveness. For more information, see Billing method 1: pay-as-you-go.