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Last Updated:Mar 30, 2023

This topic provides answers to some frequently asked questions about Multi-master Cluster (Database/Table).

How do I purchase more primary nodes for a cluster of Multi-master Cluster (Database/Table) Edition?

A new cluster of Multi-master Cluster (Database/Table) Edition contains only two primary nodes. You can add primary nodes only after the cluster is created. For more information about how to add primary nodes, see Add or remove nodes.

Why is the number of connections still so high when a primary node does not have heavy business loads?

When a cluster of Multi-master Cluster (Database/Table) Edition is connected by using a cluster endpoint, PolarProxy establishes connections to each primary node. The number of connections to each primary node is the same. We recommend that you enable the thread pool feature. In this way, database resources are not heavily consumed even when many connections are established.