State Description
Creating The instance is being created.
Running The instance is running.
Deleting The instance is being deleted.
Rebooting The instance is restarting.
DBInstanceClassChanging The instance is being upgraded or downgraded.
TRANSING The instance is being migrated.
EngineVersionUpgrading The version of the database engine that the instance runs is being upgraded.
TransingToOthers The data of the PolarDB-X instance is being migrated to an ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL instance.
GuardDBInstanceCreating A disaster recovery instance is being created for the instance.
Restoring The instance is being restored from a backup.
Importing Data is being imported to the instance.
ImportingFromOthers Data is being imported to the PolarDB-X instance from an ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL instance.
DBInstanceNetTypeChanging The network type of the instance is being changed.
GuardSwitching A failover operation is being performed for an instance in a disaster recovery scenario.
INS_CLONING The instance is being cloned.
Released The instance is released.