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Drive and Photo Service:List of operations by function

Last Updated:Feb 04, 2024

Domain Management

CreateDomainCreateDomainCreate domain.
GetDomainGetDomainGet domain information.
UpdateDomainUpdateDomainUpdate domain information.
SearchDomainsSearchDomainsSearch domain with specified attributes
DeleteDomainDeleteDomainDelete the domain

Authentication and Authorization

AuthorizeAuthorizeRequests permissions by using OAuth 2.0.
TokenTokenGenerates an access token based on Open Authorization (OAuth) 2.0.

Account Management

GetLinkInfoByUserIdGetLinkInfoByUserIdQueries the information about a user based on the user ID.
LinkAccountLinkAccountAssociates an account with a user.

Group Management

CreateGroupCreateGroupCreates a group.
UpdateGroupUpdateGroupModifies the information about a group.
GetGroupGetGroupQueries the information about a group.
ListGroupListGroupQueries groups.
DeleteGroupDeleteGroupDeletes groups. Before you delete a group, make sure that no other groups or users exist in the group. Otherwise, the group fails to be deleted.
AddGroupMemberAddGroupMemberAdds a member to a group.
RemoveGroupMemberRemoveGroupMemberRemoves a member from a group.
ListGroupMemberListGroupMemberQueries the members of a group.

User Management

CreateUserCreateUserCreates a user.
ImportUserImportUserImports a user.
UpdateUserUpdateUserModifies the information about a user.
GetUserGetUserQueries the information about a user.
ListUserListUserQueries users.
SearchUserSearchUserSearches for users.
DeleteUserDeleteUserDeletes a user.

Space Management

CreateDriveCreateDriveCreates a drive.
UpdateDriveUpdateDriveModifies a drive.
GetDriveGetDriveQueries the information about a drive.
ListDriveListDriveQueries a list of drives.
GetDefaultDriveGetDefaultDriveQueries the default drive of a user.
ListMyDrivesListMyDrivesQueries the drives of the current user.
SearchDriveSearchDriveQueries drives.
DeleteDriveDeleteDriveDeletes a drive.

File Management

CreateFileCreateFileCreates a file or folder.
DeleteFileDeleteFileDeletes a file or folder.
UpdateFileUpdateFileModifies the information about a file instead of the file data.
SearchFileSearchFileQueries files. For more information about best practices, visit
ListFileListFileQueries a list of files and folders.
GetFileGetFileQueries the information about a file.
DownloadFileDownloadFileDownloads a file.
GetUploadUrlGetUploadUrlQueries the upload URL of a file.
ListUploadedPartsListUploadedPartsQueries the file parts that are uploaded.
CompleteFileCompleteFileCompletes the upload of a file.
MoveFileMoveFileMoves files or folders.
CopyFileCopyFileCopies a file or folder.
GetDownloadUrlGetDownloadUrlQueries the download URL of a file. For more information about best practices, visit
FilePutUserTagsFilePutUserTagsAdds custom tags to a file.
FileDeleteUserTagsFileDeleteUserTagsRemoves custom tags from a file.

File multi-version management

DeleteRevisionDeleteRevisionDeletes a historical version of a file. You cannot delete the latest version of a file.
UpdateRevisionUpdateRevisionUpdates the version information. You can call this operation to permanently retain a version or modify the description of a version. You can permanently retain up to 50 versions of a file.
RestoreRevisionRestoreRevisionRestores a historical version of a file. You cannot restore the latest version of a file.
ListRevisionListRevisionQueries the versions of a file.
GetRevisionGetRevisionQueries the information about a version.

Incremental processing

ScanFileScanFileScans files.
ListDeltaListDeltaQueries incremental information.
DeltaGetLastCursorDeltaGetLastCursorQueries the cursor of incremental information.

Permission Management

ListReceivedFileListReceivedFileQueries a list of files that are shared with a user. You can call this operation to query a list of files in a personal drive on which a user is granted permissions.
ListMyGroupDriveListMyGroupDriveQueries the team drives that can be accessed by the authorized users.
FileRemovePermissionFileRemovePermissionCancels the permissions on a shared file.
FileAddPermissionFileAddPermissionGrants permissions to access files to a user or group.
FileListPermissionFileListPermissionQueries the sharing authorization records of a file.
ListAssignmentListAssignmentQueries a list of assigned roles. For example, you can query the administrators of a group by group ID.
AssignRoleAssignRoleAssigns a group administrator role to a user.
CancelAssignRoleCancelAssignRoleCancels a role.

ShareLink Management

CreateShareLinkCreateShareLinkCreates a share URL.
UpdateShareLinkUpdateShareLinkModifies a share link.
SearchShareLinkSearchShareLinkQueries share URLs.
CancelShareLinkCancelShareLinkDeletes a share link.
ListShareLinkListShareLinkQueries shares.
GetShareLinkGetShareLinkQueries the share URL of a file.
GetShareLinkByAnonymousGetShareLinkByAnonymousQueries the information about a share link anonymously.
GetShareLinkTokenGetShareLinkTokenQueries a share token anonymously.

Recycle Bin Management

TrashFileTrashFileMoves a file or folder to the recycle bin.
ClearRecyclebinClearRecyclebinEmpties the recycle bin.
ListRecyclebinListRecyclebinQueries the information about files and folders in the recycle bin.
RestoreFileRestoreFileRestores a file or folder from the recycle bin.

Job Management

GetAsyncTaskGetAsyncTaskQueries the information about an asynchronous task.


BatchBatchCalls multiple operations at a time to improve call efficiency.