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Platform For AI:Overview

Last Updated:May 22, 2024

On the Resource Pool page in the Machine Learning Platform for AI (PAI) console, you can create a resource group, purchase cloud-native resources, and use the resource group to manage the purchased resources in a centralized manner.


Create a resource group and purchase resources

You can create a resource group and purchase the following types of cloud-native resources:

Manage resources

Log on to the PAI console. In the left-side navigation pane, choose AI Computing Resources > Resource Pool. On the Resource Pool page, use resource groups to manage the purchased Lingjun resources and general computing resources. Click the name of a resource group. On the details page of the resource group, view and manage the purchased resources.


  • You can view the basic information about the resource group, the list of resource orders, and the list of nodes on the details page.

  • You can renew Lingjun resources in the resource group before the resources expire.

What to do next

After you create a resource group and purchase resources, you can allocate the resources to one or more resource quotas for AI development and training. For more information, see Overview.