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Platform For AI:Manage pipeline tasks

Last Updated:Feb 19, 2024

Platform for AI (PAI) provides the Pipeline Tasks tab that allows you to manage pipeline tasks in a centralized and visualized manner. This topic describes how to manage pipeline tasks.

Background information

The Pipeline Tasks tab displays the following types of pipeline tasks:


  1. Go to the Distributed Training Jobs page

    1. Log on to the PAI console.

    2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Workspaces. On the Workspaces page, click the name of the workspace that you want to manage.

    3. In the left-side navigation pane, choose AI Computing Asset Management > Jobs to go to the Distributed Training Jobs page.

  2. On the Pipeline Tasks tab, you can view the details of a task, filter tasks, and stop or start a task.


  • View the details of a task

    Find the task that you want to manage and click the task name. The Pipeline Details page of the task appears You can click the Details and Task Result tabs to view details.

    • On the Details tab, the nodes that were run in the task are displayed. You can click a node on the canvas to view the details of the node on the right. The details include the Operation Info, Job Logs, and Output Result information.


      You can also click Share in the upper-right corner to share the pipeline task details page with other users.


    • On the Task Result tab, move the pointer over Result in the Actions column to view the output URLs of all nodes in the current pipeline task.


  • Filter tasks to find the desired task

    On the Pipeline Tasks page, click the filter button next to Status or Task Source column to filter the pipeline that you want to manage.

  • Stop or start a task

    Click Stop in the Actions column to stop a running pipeline task. Click Clone in the Actions column to restart the pipeline task.