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Object Storage Service:How do I fix video stuttering?

Last Updated:Dec 29, 2023

This topic describes how to fix stuttering when you play a video that is uploaded to OSS.


  1. Check the resolution and bitrate of the video.

    The recommended resolution is 1920 × 1080, and the bitrate ranges from 500 Kbit/s to 4,000 Kbit/s. For more information, see What resolutions and bitrates does ApsaraVideo Live support?

  2. Enable range origin fetch in Alibaba Cloud CDN.

    After you enable range origin fetch, an origin server returns the specified range of data to a CDN point of presence (POP) based on the Range header in the HTTP request when it receives a back-to-origin request from the CDN POP. Range origin fetch can accelerate content delivery, increase the cache hit ratio, reduce the consumption of origin traffic and loads on the origin server, and speed up resource loading. For more information, see Configure range origin fetch.