This topic describes how to choose an appropriate region when you create a bucket in Object Storage Service (OSS).

Take note of the following items when you choose an OSS region:
  • Location of your users
  • Connection between Alibaba Cloud services
  • Pricing
  • Features

Location of your users

If you want users who access your resources in OSS to have a good user experience, you must consider the network latencies between the users and OSS. Geographical distance and the quality of communication links affect network latencies.

For example, users in the China (Hangzhou) region can run the ping command to test the network latencies that occur when the users access OSS resources in different regions.

The results show that latencies increase when the geographical distance between users and OSS increases. Therefore, choose a region that is geographically closer to your users.

Connection between Alibaba Cloud services

If you use OSS with other Alibaba Cloud services, we recommend that you choose the same region for OSS and the other services. When OSS and these services are in the same region, OSS can be accessed by using Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) endpoints. In this case, you are not charged traffic fees, and the access is quicker than over the Internet.


The pricing of resource plans varies between regions. You can choose a region that has better pricing of resource plans.


When a new OSS feature is released, public previews of the feature are launched in some regions. If you want to try out the new feature, you must create a bucket in one of these specified regions. For information about OSS product updates, see Product updates.