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Object Storage Service:Back up buckets

Last Updated:Oct 24, 2023

Alibaba Cloud offers multiple backup methods for data in OSS to suit different scenarios. This topic describes methods used to back up OSS data in the cloud.


You are charged for operations performed on the buckets and data retrieval based on the backup method that you specified after you enable the backup feature.

Back up data by using scheduled backup

You can create a backup plan in Cloud Backup to back up your OSS data. This allows you to recover your data when the data is lost due to an unintended modification or deletion. You can also use Cloud Backup to store historical OSS data for an extended period of time at low cost. For more information, see Configure scheduled backup.

Back up data by using CRR

Cross-region replication (CRR) enables the automatic and asynchronous (near real-time) replication of objects across buckets in different OSS regions. Operations such as the creation, overwriting, and deletion of objects can be synchronized from a source bucket to a destination bucket. For more information, see Configure CRR.

Back up data by using Data Online Migration

Alibaba Cloud Data Online Migration is used as a data channel between different storage services. You can migrate data from third-party data stores to OSS or between OSS buckets by using Data Online Migration. For more information, see Background information.

Back up data by using the ossimport tool

ossimport is a tool used to migrate data to OSS. You can deploy ossimport on the local server or an ECS instance in the cloud to migrate data stored locally or in other cloud storage systems to OSS. For more information, see Overview.