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Object Storage Service:0017-00000131

Last Updated:Aug 21, 2023

Problem description

The x-oss-storage-class header cannot be left empty.


The x-oss-storage-class header which is used to specify the storage class of an object is left empty.


PUT /ObjectName HTTP/1.1
Content-Length: ContentLength
Content-Type: ContentType
Date: GMT Date
x-oss-storage-class: Archive
Authorization: SignatureValue


Make sure that a valid value is specified for the x-oss-storage-class header.

The x-oss-storage-class header specifies the storage class of an object. If you specify the x-oss-storage-class header when you upload an object by calling the PutObject operation, the storage class of the uploaded object is the specified value of the header regardless of the storage class of the bucket to which the object is uploaded. For example, if you set the x-oss-storage-class header to Standard when you upload an object to an IA bucket, the object is stored as a Standard object.

Valid values of the x-oss-storage-class header:

  • Standard

  • IA

  • Archive

  • ColdArchive

  • DeepColdArchive