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Object Storage Service:0007-00000005

Last Updated:Jul 21, 2023

Problem description

The number of URLs that are specified in the request exceeds the upper limit.


You initiated a request and obtained a JSON string that is decoded from the Base64-encoded value of the Callback parameter that specifies upload callback. If the number of URLs in the callbackUrl field exceeds the upper limit, the error is returned.

The callbackUrl field contains the destination URLs of requests after objects are uploaded to Object Storage Service (OSS). The callbackUrl field can contain up to five URLs. Multiple URLs are separated by semicolons (;). OSS sends requests to each URL until a success response is returned.

If the number of URLs exceeds five, the error is returned.


The following code shows a sample response that is decoded from the value of the Callback parameter:


In the preceding response, the callbackUrl field contains six URLs that are separated by semicolons (;). As a result, the error is returned.


Make sure that the URLs in the callbackUrl field are correct and the number of URLs does not exceed five.


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  • For information about how to set up an OSS-based direct data transfer service for mobile apps and configure upload callback, see Set up upload callback for mobile apps.