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Object Storage Service:Data indexing fees

Last Updated:Sep 01, 2023

Object Storage Service (OSS) provides the data indexing feature to allow you to index the metadata of objects. You can specify the metadata of objects as index conditions to query objects.

  • If you enable the metadata management feature, you are charged the metadata management fees for objects and the query fees for buckets. This feature is free of charge during the public preview.

  • This topic describes the billable items and billing methods of the metadata management feature in OSS. For more information, visit the OSS pricing page.

Billable items

The free quota is available for the following billable items. If a bucket contains no more than 50,000 objects per hour, you are not charged for metadata management. If a bucket is queried no more than 1,000 times per month, you are not charged for bucket query.

Billable item

Billing rule

Billing cycle

Billing method

Metadata management

You are charged for metadata management based on the number of objects.

You are billed on an hourly basis. Bills are generally generated on a monthly basis.

  • Pay-as-you-go: Metadata management fees = Number of objects × Monthly unit price for metadata management/10,000/30 (days)/24 (hours).

  • Resource plan: not supported.

Bucket query

You are charged based on the number of times that a bucket is queried.

  • Pay-as-you-go: Bucket query fees = Number of queries × Unit price per 10,000 queries/10,000.

  • Resource plan: not supported.