osscmd is a Python 2.x-based command line tool that is used to manage buckets and objects.

Important osscmd is unavailable since July 31, 2019. Alibaba Cloud no longer updates or maintains osscmd. The osscmd operation commands are integrated into ossutil.


osscmd is suitable for the following scenarios:
  • API-level development and debugging, such as sending requests in specific formats and step-by-step multipart upload.
  • Bucket configurations, specifically for features that are difficult to configure in the Object Storage Service (OSS) console, such as logging, websites, and lifecycle.


  • osscmd supports the following runtime environments: Python 2.5, Python 2.6, and Python 2.7.
  • osscmd is developed based on OSS SDK for Python 0.x which is no longer maintained. Currently, Alibaba Cloud maintains OSS SDK for Python2.x.x.
  • osscmd only fixes bugs and does not allow you to use new features, such as the Infrequent Access (IA) or Archive storage class, cross-region replication (CRR), and back-to-origin.

Quick start

Decompress the downloaded OSS SDK for Python package and directly run the python osscmd + operation command in the directory in which osscmd is located. For example, you can run the following code to upload an object to a bucket:

python  osscmd  put  myfile.txt  oss://mybucket
Note In osscmd, oss://bucket indicates a bucket and oss://bucket/object indicates an object. oss:// indicates the resource source and has no other meaning.

To query a list of commands, enter python osscmd.

To query a list of parameters, enter python osscmd help.