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Object Storage Service:Overview

Last Updated:Sep 19, 2023

Object Storage Service (OSS) SDK for Browser.js provides multiple methods to manage objects in a bucket.

You can choose a method based on your business requirements.

  • You can list the information about all objects in a bucket or objects and subdirectories in a specified directory. For more information, see List objects.

  • You can copy an object within a bucket or from one bucket to another bucket that is located in the same region. For more information, see Copy objects.

  • To prevent an object from overwriting the object that has the same name during the upload or copy, you can disable overwriting objects with the same names. For more information, see Prevent objects from being overwritten by objects with the same names.

  • To access an Archive or Cold Archive object, you must first restore the object. For more information, see Restore objects.

  • To quickly access objects that are frequently accessed in a bucket, you can use symbolic links. For more information, see Manage symbolic links.

  • To identify the purpose or attributes of objects, you can set the object metadata during uploads. For more information, see Manage object metadata.