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OpenSearch:Introduction to Industry Algorithm Edition

Last Updated:Apr 07, 2023


OpenSearch Industry Algorithm Edition is a one-stop platform used to develop intelligent search services. It is built based on the large-scale distributed search engine developed by Alibaba. OpenSearch Industry Algorithm Edition currently delivers search services for core business of Alibaba Group, such as Taobao and Tmall. OpenSearch Industry Algorithm Edition leverages industry built-in capabilities such as query semantic understanding and machine learning-based sort to provide open engine services, which empowers you to quickly build intelligent search services.



SaaS platform: You can interact with the system by using the console or by calling API operations.

Scenario-based configuration: You need to only create an application and configure the data source, field structure, and search attributes. After the reindexing is complete, you can run a search test by using the SDK or in the OpenSearch console.

Industry template: OpenSearch Industry Algorithm Edition provides a variety of industry algorithm packages for industries, such as the e-commerce, content communities, games, and education industries, to help you quickly build industry-specific search services. After you specify the industry, you can create search-related features and services such as query semantic understanding, sorting, and search guidance. This helps implement fast access and ensures intelligent industry search results.



Industry Algorithm Edition provides rich built-in and customized algorithm models and introduces industry retrieval and sort algorithms based on the search needs of different industries. This way, optimal search results are ensured.

Flexibility and customization

Industry Algorithm Edition allows you to customize configurations such as algorithm models, application schema, data processing, query analysis, and sort to meet personalized search requirements. This improves the click-through rate of search results, accelerates service iteration, and greatly shortens the rollout cycle.

Security and stability

O&M services are available on a 24/7 basis. You can get technical support by submitting tickets online or making phone calls. A series of comprehensive fault emergency response mechanisms are delivered, such as fault monitoring, automatic alerting, and fast troubleshooting. Alibaba Cloud assigns AccessKey IDs and AccessKey secrets to users to control permissions to access OpenSearch. This ensures data security by isolating data of different users.

Auto scaling

The auto scaling capability allows you to scale up or down the resources based on your needs.

Rich extended features

OpenSearch supports a variety of extended search features, such as top searches, hints, drop-down suggestions, and statistical reports. This helps you view and analyze search results.

Out-of-the-box service

You do not need to deploy or perform O&M operations on clusters before you access OpenSearch.